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Excellent… Well done

Went to matinee performance today, Wonderful performance from everyone. Story of William and Maud was put acrosss brilliantly.

Well done Tim and all at ETO and the members of Wolverhampton Community. On behalf of Tipton Library – we were pleased to have played a small part in this.

For anyone interested we have a display of photographs relating to the raid at Tipton Library running up until 17th April, and on that day -17th – our Local History Coffee Morning will be a talk by Derek Nicholls on the raid. Please call 0121 557 1796 to book a seat.



Almost there!

Fantastic 7 hour rehearsal yesterday, with the orchestra, and other groups joining us adults…  saw some scenes by other groups and I am starting to get a sense of how awesome this event is going to be.  Still others that I’ve not seen yet, so I am really looking forward to the Dress Rehearsal to see them and meet others involved!  Can’t wait to perform!

This experience has been so uplifting, despite the tragic nature of the story, and I am so thankful of the opportunity of working with ETO and with fellow Wolverhampton dwellers, as well as members of the choir.  It has been one of the most amazing things I have ever been a part of – so thank you!

I have a bit of a sore arm this morning from the rehearsals of ‘falling down’ when the ‘bombs’ were dropping – but I’m sure I will recover in time 🙂

Rose X


The power of the poppies

last week the Express and Star visited Tipton Library to take photos of the Knitters and in particular Janine who has crotched poppies to be used in the production. She is the person behind fundraising for Royal British Legion having raised £600 last year through sale of her poppies.

When Tim heard about about the work the knitters do he asked if they were willing to do larger than normal poppies for the show.

Schools visit to Tipton Library

On the mornings of 24th and 25th February we had pupils from Uplands and East Park schools come to see the photos obtained by Derek Nicholls and hear from him about the raid and the tragic loss of life. they were then shown a short clip of the area in Wednesbury which they would visit later in the morning.

Then Derek answered any questions that the children had before they boarded the coach. The comments made by the teachers reflected the enthusiam and interest from the children.

As 26th February is a Community Day in the Library the photos will be left on display for that, unfortunately Derek will not be there to talk.

The display of photos will be on again to cover the week before and week after theatre production.

Tim thanks for involving our library

zeppelin Dreams preface complete by Alex evans used 134

On the 1st February 1916, a Zeppelin bombed the Black Country causing 34 deaths. This performance aims to shed some light on this not so well known event. Its contains the harrowing tale of William and Maud Fellows. Who coincidentally share the same surname and who died together on the canal. 200 local people of every age and ability have been taking part in this premiere. Are accompanied by renowned professional singers and musicians. Rachel Leach composes the music and Tim Yealland directs. Making this opera/performance for me, personally has been exciting fun and overall a brilliant experience its been interesting to learn about the zeppelin raids and how ww1 affected the black country. Zeppelin Dreams is a unique performance planned over 6 months designed to bring February 1st 1916 and the present day together. 

Join Up! Join Up! Join Up! Join Up!

Well I have finally joined in with the blogging.  What a fantastic opportunity to be involved in such a wonderful project.  I do find it very moving.  Especially the story of William and Maud Fellows.  The adults had a great rehearsal last night and I think we just about nailed the Join Up song.  It is great to be working with such wonderful people such as Tim and Rachel and I can’t wait to get on stage and perform and to meet the other groups involved.  Anyway keep singing everyone!!!



William and Maud

William and Maud

Tomorrow is the 31st January, and amidst all the work going on to recreate the world of the midlands a century ago, it’s easy to forget that this fresh young couple died that night. William Fellows, Maud Fellows, two Fellows, share the same name, two hearts aflame! Tim

Zeppelin Dreams

I really enjoyed last week’s performance only because I learnt something new. I enjoyed the bit were we put poppies on the floor and when we said the person’s name. I can’t wait till next week.

Beth Dyall

A small non-musical note…

Hello everyone!

Thought it was about time I got on here and joined in the chat. Firstly I want to say how fantastic you all are and how much Tim and I are enjoying our time in Wolverhampton. You are quite possibly the nicest and most enthusiastic people I’ve ever worked with!

Secondly… big news… I think, apart from stuff still to be created with the University group and some changes here and there… I think… the score is finished! I still have a long way to go with orchestration but the main stuff is all done now for piano and voice. It was really spooky writing the very ending. It’s dark outside and there was a storm raging complete with flashes of lightning… I was quite spooked especially as we see some ghosts right at the very end (spoiler alert!).

Anyway, I couldn’t think who to tell my news to and then it seemed obvious to tell everyone involved. I really hope you like it!

Rachel (composer)

Adult Choir Rehearsal #4

Wow! Things seem to be really coming together now. Slightly frustrating that the group is smaller than it was at first, which means that as new people (thankfully) come in we are almost having to start again, but this has not dimmed our enthusiasm at all (and I know everyone will pick up what we have created so far with ease!). (Could do with more men, though…!!!!).

It was so moving last night to see a photograph of William and Maud – it made everything we are singing about so much more real and poignant and gives us a sense of what a responsibility it is to tell the stories about that night (and the Great War in general) ‘lest we forget’. Listening to Tim and Rachel tell us about how different aspects of the story are developing has also made it sound even more exciting – can’t wait to experience the whole thing! And I really hope I can persuade loads more of my friends to come and see the opera when it is performed in March (I have ‘sold’ 6 tickets to friends and family so far…).