Coincidences and wonderful sessions

So the second opera with Reay is steaming ahead, and turning in interesting directions. There’s something about the story that seems to have caught everyone’s imaginations, and we have had a few days of exceptional creativity (even by Reay’s high standards). The smaller groups from other schools, as well as the wonderful adults, are integrating beautifully, and the challenge is really only to decide when we have enough material. The singing is astounding – somehow everyone seems to pick up the songs instantly, and there is not one child who is off pitch. Hilarious session using authentic cockney slang: where’s the kermit miss?  I discovered last night that at the beginning of the war my mother used to play as a child in the fields around Edenbridge (she had friends there)  and knows it well. I had no idea of this coincidence, and had picked Edenbridge as a likely town and promising name for an opera on a hunch. I hope it’s a good  omen!


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