A small non-musical note…

Hello everyone!

Thought it was about time I got on here and joined in the chat. Firstly I want to say how fantastic you all are and how much Tim and I are enjoying our time in Wolverhampton. You are quite possibly the nicest and most enthusiastic people I’ve ever worked with!

Secondly… big news… I think, apart from stuff still to be created with the University group and some changes here and there… I think… the score is finished! I still have a long way to go with orchestration but the main stuff is all done now for piano and voice. It was really spooky writing the very ending. It’s dark outside and there was a storm raging complete with flashes of lightning… I was quite spooked especially as we see some ghosts right at the very end (spoiler alert!).

Anyway, I couldn’t think who to tell my news to and then it seemed obvious to tell everyone involved. I really hope you like it!

Rachel (composer)

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