Adult Choir Rehearsal #4

Wow! Things seem to be really coming together now. Slightly frustrating that the group is smaller than it was at first, which means that as new people (thankfully) come in we are almost having to start again, but this has not dimmed our enthusiasm at all (and I know everyone will pick up what we have created so far with ease!). (Could do with more men, though…!!!!).

It was so moving last night to see a photograph of William and Maud – it made everything we are singing about so much more real and poignant and gives us a sense of what a responsibility it is to tell the stories about that night (and the Great War in general) ‘lest we forget’. Listening to Tim and Rachel tell us about how different aspects of the story are developing has also made it sound even more exciting – can’t wait to experience the whole thing! And I really hope I can persuade loads more of my friends to come and see the opera when it is performed in March (I have ‘sold’ 6 tickets to friends and family so far…).


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