William and Maud

Tomorrow is the 31st January, and amidst all the work going on to recreate the world of the midlands a century ago, it’s easy to forget that this fresh young couple died that night. William Fellows, Maud Fellows, two Fellows, share the same name, two hearts aflame! Tim

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Zeppelin Dreams

I really enjoyed last week’s performance only because I learnt something new. I enjoyed the bit were we put poppies on the floor and when we said the person’s name. I can’t wait till next week. Beth Dyall

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A small non-musical note…

Hello everyone! Thought it was about time I got on here and joined in the chat. Firstly I want to say how fantastic you all are and how much Tim and I are enjoying our time in Wolverhampton. You are quite possibly the nicest and most enthusiastic people I’ve ever worked with! Secondly… big news… […]

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Adult Choir Rehearsal #4

Wow! Things seem to be really coming together now. Slightly frustrating that the group is smaller than it was at first, which means that as new people (thankfully) come in we are almost having to start again, but this has not dimmed our enthusiasm at all (and I know everyone will pick up what we […]

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Zeppelin Dreams rehersal

I have enjoyed the past couple of weeks with Zeppelin Dreams. Every week brings a new activity such as singing, acting and learning our lines. The best activity for me has been acting, I like the way we use expressions to relate our lines. I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

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Dream Groups

We are well on our way now – and have almost (but not quite) worked with every group. So – speaking as a wretched Londoner – the people we are creating the opera with in Wolverhampton are just ideally creative, fun, and talented. This is the fourth big opera ETO has made on this scale, […]

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Thoroughly enjoyed the Adult Choir rehearsal for Zeppelin Dreams yesterday. Very excited to be taking part and learning the songs, which are truly beautiful! I’ve personally never done anything like this before and it is such a privilege to be involved. The rehearsals are over so quickly, and after only 3 of these, I’m amazed […]

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Great rehearsal for the adult group last night, the songs are really interesting and moving. Definitely energised by the 2 hour session which flies by. Thanks for the chance to be involved.

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