Creating Laika

Laika the Spacedog is ETO’s new children’s opera. The show is aimed at 7-11 year olds and uses puppets, animation, a theremin, and song to tell the story of Laika, the first animal to be sent into space.

Rehearsals don’t start until early next year, but behind the scenes things are starting to take shape. Designer Jude Munden is continuing her relationship with ETO and has been tasked with turning this scientific legend into a lovable friend. Here is one of the first photos of the puppet Laika.

There will eventually be two Laika’s used in the show (don’t tell the kids!) one is a marionette and the other will be a handheld puppet. This is necessary so she can get into her spacesuit, obviously!

Jude has also made the Laika poster. These beautiful lino prints have been hand carved and then printed.

Never has astrophysics looked such fun!

Laika the Spacedog is showing at the Science Museum 22nd – 25th January 2013 and then follows the ETO Spring tour, performing in local schools. For information about how to book Laika for your school call Talia Lash at ETO on 020 7833 2555 or email her at

More information available at:

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